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The words you speak matter...

Choose your words carefully. Whether speaking out loud or thinking to yourself, the subconscious is always paying attention. Speak positive thoughts instead of negative ones. We all know that is what we should do, but did you realize that some phrases you use may actually be negative even if you don't mean for them to be? Let me explain. The subconscious does not recognize clarifying words like "NO, NOT, NEVER", etc. So therefore, it focuses on the rest of the phrase. For example, using the phrase "NO MORE DEBT" as a positive affirmation may seem like it is focusing on the right thing to move your thoughts in the right direction, right? When in fact all your subconscious sees are the words "MORE DEBT". So, you may find yourself continuing to bring more debt into your life instead of less. A quick fix for that which has the same meaning but will have your subconscious focusing in the intended direction is "FINANCIAL FREEDOM". You can feel the difference in how that feels compared to the original example! So, just as you would choose your words carefully when you speak to a small child, speak to yourself with the same gentleness and grace. In closing, on this day of all days, I will choose to "ALWAYS REMEMBER" rather than to "NEVER FORGET" .

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